The breakfast time

Making the line for breakfast I found Tim, he asked me “Do you have to sign up for breakfast?” And I answer “I don’t think so, what are you doing in NOLA?” And he told me he was there for the Collision Conference and then he started to talk about BlockChain and...

Re Defining the idea

Week 4 of the Gamification course, I realize the importance of the game design, I don’t know if we should add this to GAMEBOARD but decided to keep it simply and help others with the mechanics of the Game design and documentation about the designing process.

Our first investor?

We where clear that we will need money to finish the project and have it ready for the Collision Conference, there is a lot people that gives your money but we want a partner that works and makes this company amazing. On the platform the OAUTH 2.0 is implemented and...

WebSite Lunch! 3,2,1… GO

Website Lunch on we implemented a WordPress site to structure our ideas and have a frontend for the conference. As English is not our native language it took a lot of time to explain what we where trying to do.

Our first collaborator! WELCOME WAN

We hired WAN MENDOZA after 2 months of writing code we knew that we will need an excellent frontend platform, even that the concept is to have only APIs. We will need someone that works with ANGULARJS, we realize that we will need a LEADERBOARD and a middleend for the...